Selling  750m-1000m  T4+ 950M Might | 22 Gold Heroes | Elite Lab | 25M Troops

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    Account Might : 950 M Might
    22 Gold Heroes : Rose Knight, Femme Fatale, Tracker, Soul Forger, Sea Squire, Elementalist, Demon Slayer, Night Raven, Bombin Goblin, Tricster, Scarlet Bolt, The Big Guy, Child of Light, Death Archer, Shade,
    Death Night, Incerator, Prima Donna, Snow Queen, Sage of Storms,
    Black Crow, Oath Keeper,
    6 Purple Heroes : Storm Fox, Lore Weaver, Witch Doll, Petite Devil, Sonstress Of The Sea, Dark Follower
    4 Blue Heroes : Prince of Thieves, Watcher, Dream Witch, Ethereal Guide
    4 Green Heroes : Berserker, Steambot, Vengeful Centaur, Barbarian
    3 Grey Heroes : Chaos Dragon, Mastercook, Twilight Princess

    150 K Gems
    42M Guild Coins
    12 Migration Scrools
    27 M Troops
    Monster Hunt Gear : Gold + Purple
    Treasure Trove : Max Level
    Build Gear : Gold
    Attak Gear: Gold + Purple
    Full Research : Economy, Military, Monster Hunt, Upgrade Military
    Elite Labitynth Mode Unlocked
    Gift Unlocked

    Contact me : [email protected]