Selling   PC  Europe CHEAP PC/EU 810+cp,12 characters, All chapters, All classes, Former emperor, Rare mounts/pets.

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    Have every class in the game, 10 of the 12 are +lvl 50.
    3x nightblades
    3x dragonknights
    2x Sorcerers
    1x necromanser
    1x warden
    1x lvl 38 nightblade
    1x lvl 26 templar

    For pve the account has a tank and dps characters and lvl 28 templar for healing.
    For pvp most of the characters have the right skills and gear.

    2x name change tokens and 1x race change.

    6x skins and many costumes + emperor's regalia.

    Many armor and monster sets + vma weapons and masters inferno staff.
    most of the armor are in epic and many weapons are in legendary.

    This is a main account that done many end game trails and content.
    Price: 300$ paypal