Sold (CHEAP) Red 31 - 90+ IV legendary, shiny legendary, 3000+ CP pokemons

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    (Message to our customers)


    Account screenshots (Please click into the below google link. It is safe.):


    For more screenshots, please copy the below 2 parts to your browser and they will bring you to a Google album:

    (ALL legendary and shiny pokemons at the time when we are making the screenshots above are included.)

    (Screenshots in this post may not be showing all Pokemons the account currently has. If you want more screenshots, please contact us.)


    Account status (info like stardust and candy may be different when you get our account as we are still playing it):

    First-hand account, Username changeable
    No warning/ bans/ slashed pokemons, safe account, non-botted, 100% hand-played
    No team change history
    Login type: Gmail
    Pokemon Storage: 300
    Item bag: 450
    Stardust: 500,000
    Shiny pokemon: 12x
    Number of 100 IV pokemon: 21x (sorting keyword “4*” means pokemons with 100 IV)
    Number of Legendary & Mythical pokemon: 54x


    (Key: “1x” means “I have 1” and so on)


    Collection highlights:

    2x shiny Raikou
    2x 98 IV Groudon
    1x shiny Groudon
    1x 93 IV Rayquaza
    1x 93 IV Azelf
    2x IV 93 IV Cresselia


    Please contact us if you have any question. We will reply as soon as possible. But please be patient.
    (Our sale history can be provided under customers’ requests for reference.)

    Email: [email protected]

    Payment method: Paypal only (Via middleman is possible if buyer pay the fee)
    Interested buyers please contact us via EMAIL. We will discuss transaction details later.
    2 days warranty
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.