Sold FS Rank 160 GBF account LF 45$ PP FF

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    Heyo, selling an account for the mentioned price of 45$ PP FF.

    Account has 124 ssr characters

    Limited ones:

    Fire: S.Io, Shiva.

    Water: S.Europa,Katalina, Drang, S.Izmir, Pholia.

    Earth: S.Vira, Alex, Cain, S. Rosseta.

    Wind: Lecia.

    Light: Io, Lucio, C. Metera

    Dark: Orchid, G.Ferry, Olivia.

    Notable Summons: Bahamut, Lucifer, all buncles except ca ong, sariel x2, Sun FLB, Hades 1*, Athena, Zeus, Zephyrus, Typhon, Alex, Grimnir, Demi Varuna.

    Check pic for more details or pm me.

    Discord David08 #0632

    . /u/Wednesday08
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Thread Status:
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