Sold [FS] SPARKABLE Starter Accounts | 90K-118K+ CRYSTALS + SSR Tickets/Regular Tickets + Gold...

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    Currently selling these accounts

    Trade references

    Trade references

    Trade references

    Many of the accounts have enough crystals + tickets for a spark (300/300 pulls | please note that tickets under the Ticket/Other tab in game do NOT count towards sparks).

    If you're looking for a specific character just hit CTRL+F to open up the search bar and type it in.

    Start Dash comes back around the first two weeks of a month.

    Screenshots for proof can be provided upon request. PM on Discord for more information. There have been many people posing as sellers so always check that the name and ID # are exactly the same if you are being PMd by anyone on Discord. I will most likely not respond on anything other than Discord.

    Discord ID: Kiri#6969

    All accounts are rank 1 and have an unused Start Dash, 5th Birthday Weapon Trade Ticket is also included. Each account has around 10+ pages of Fate Episodes that have been untouched (5k+ crystals). Most accounts come with roughly 2k half elixirs, roughly 4k soul berries, roughly 2-5m rupies.

    Currently not looking to do trades and only accepting payment through Family & Friends on PayPal.

    Accounts 0 to 49 have the February Summer Zooey SD, accounts 50 to 99 have the March 2017 LegFest SD, and accounts 200-270 have the early August LegFest SD.

    Current account info guide has not been updated, but I will assist you through the process of changing account info if needed.

    Please check out the READ tab for more information before contacting me about an account

    . /u/Kiriyukai
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