Selling  Low End GoT:Wic Account K43 5m Power Castle 23 Lord 42 Vip 9 60k Diamond

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    I'm selling my account because I don't have time to play because of my new job. K43 is new server so you can easily boost this account top rankings.


    Purple: Chris (40)
    Blue: Arya Stark (40)
    Green: Robb Stark, Sansa Stark, Gorell, Melisandre, Sheila (40)
    White: Russell, Varys, Merrel Peake, Soren, Arslan, Robert, Feis (Below 40)

    600k+ Commander Army Power

    Castle level 22
    Construction Power 800k+

    180+ Hour Resarch Speed up
    450+ k Resarch Power

    Fortfication Power 160k+

    Lord Power 500k+

    10k T2 infantry, 10k T2 spearman, 10k T2 Cavalry, 15k T2 Bowmen, 35k T3 Bowmen
    All T3 resarch unlocked.
    1.200k+ Army Power
    110+ Hour Army Training Speed up

    16k Motivation Boost
    Spirit of Weirwood Tree x14
    Change Nickname x1
    Random Transfer x19
    Precise Transfer x3
    And more...

    45k Diamond

    Vip 8

    Merchant Ship level 3

    Daily 100+ alliance gift

    Training Ground Ranking Top 150

    Guild rank top 3

    You can contact me from steam or mail
    Steam Community :: Enfisto
    [email protected]