Sold [H] LR SS4 Goku x2, LR SS4 Vegeta x3, LR Vegito x4, LR Gogeta, UI Goku x4, MB Turles x2 &...

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    >iOS users are welcome to buy, and I will be willing to spend the stones for you if you want. You simply need to tell me which banner you want me to summon on.<

    Additionally, I am offering free Dokkan Medal farming for whatever units on this account you request free of charge with the purchase of the account! This offer has no expiration and extends to future playerup as well.

    OS: Global
    Stone Count: 1675
    Featured Cards: New LR SS4's
    Account Album:
    Story Progress: Completed
    Origin of Account: Farmed
    Modding History: Boss Rush, EZA, Story

    Contact me on here, or on my discord (Will need to copy and paste my name into the field): Ͳ۞۞Ͳ#6513
    Disclaimer: I will respond faster on Discord than I will Reddit.

    . /u/MyFinalReverie
    [link] .
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.