Selling  Average Selling Legend 2 M4 account with Prime and XT

Discussion in 'Tanki Online Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Waider_EN, 8/10/19.

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    Hey guys!
    Today I decided to sell my Legend 2 account.
    Nickname: Waider_EN
    It has Viking&Thunder Prime&XT. Viking is m4.
    Wasp is 12/10, Hammer is 9/20 and others has some updates.
    It has lots of alt like striker's alt, hammer's alt, firebird's 2 alt, railgun's 2 alt, magnum's 2 alt, thunder's alt, twins, rico alt.
    It also has lots of shot effect like railgun, hammer, fire, freeze, striker, twins, rico.
    It has in total amost 12k supplies.
    It has 4 drones.
    Lots of animated paints and high-rare paints.
    It has some protections.
    That's all guys. As for the price it is negotiable. The interested ones add me on Discord: Eljon_Sh#0239 or in Skype: Eljon_Sh
    Bye! <3