Selling  Selling Max level 25 castle.. 73 Million Power. $450

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    All buildings 25 apart from resource which are all 24.. Iron bank 5.
    Lord level 59. 12 Million Lord Xp from max.
    21 Commanders, all level 59, ready to go to 60 when Lord levels. Lots of food for commanders.
    Gold. Chris, Soren, Mellisandra.
    Purple. Rob, Gorell, Arya and Sansa.
    Blue. Shiela, Varys, Kravas.
    Green. Kevin, Russell, Hayley, Tyrian, Merrel Peake, Jean, Arslan, Feis. Robert
    Grey. Jamie, Raymond.

    !7 of these commanders are rank 8, 4 are rank 7.

    Level 11 VIP.
    Close to Tier 4 troops, but was making a trap castle.

    1,125,000 tier 3 troops
    1,000,000 tier 1 bows.
    Able to hit level 4 expeditions.
    Level 7 merchant ship. 30% into level 8.
    Lord Commander Nobility rank, 1.35 m merit.
    On busy server K14, but have a scroll to transfer.
    In top 5 alliance.

    Lots of time and effort spent on the game, but sadly playing something else now, so only maintaining this account. Spent more than asking price.