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    Let's start with the most important:
    -One of the highest account statistics in the game
    for example: MIG-19PT K/D-4.5 K/B- 2,1 80% win (only a few of the best jet pilots in the game have such statistics)
    -Unique titles that you will meet with only a few players in the game (WINER LEAGUE War Thunder, Golden Legion, Hero of Olympus, and other)
    -Unique stickers available only to the best eSports players

    The account has a rare and very expensive technique in the game
    -Tanks: E-100, IS-7, Merkava mk1,Ersatz M10, premium Tiger (in camouflage) "Tiger"(promotional), VK 45.01 (P), Pz.sfl.1c, Soviet T-V, KV-220, T-34-85 Э, RBT-5, AEC MK2, Lorraine 155 Mle.50.
    -Aircraft: FJ-4B VMF 232, A-26c-45, P-38K, Premium Kingkobra (in camouflage) "Сobra", P-40C Warhawk, P-51A Thunderleague, PBM-3 "Mariner", F7F-3, He.162A-1, FW.189A-1,
    BF.109E-7U2 Thunderleague, TANDEM- MAI, I-301, I-29, Whirlwind P.9, YAK-9T SHALL (Franse)
    Vehicle in coupons: P-59A, AUBL/74 HVG, IJN YUUDACHI, T30 (1),Leningrad (1), Merkava mk.1 (3), AMX-50 Surblinde (2), M.B.152C1 (1), FW 190 C (1), Iron Duke IV (1), VFW (1), BT-7 F-32 (1), River HMS Spey K246 (1), Bf 110 C-6 (1),
    P-43A-1 (1), SU-85A (2)
    - 80+ Milions "Silver Lions"
    - 97+ Milions "RP"
    - 66+ Titul game titles
    - 200+ Universal understudie
    You can ask about any account details. I will answer with proofs.
    Specific stickers. Camouflages. Old bushes *6.(Available on account.). Three-colored smoke.(Available on account.).
    Everything that interests you.

    Included in the purchase:
    War Thunder account: Login, Password.
    Gmail account: Login, Password.

    Fully pumped nation
    USA, Soviet Union, Germany, French.
    In addition to Italy, all branches of the development of tanks have been pumped

    Account sells for $ 500 negotiable

    Payment via paypal or Bitcoin
    Want more screenshots write to e-mail
    [email protected]
    Questions by discord--> ewcko#1681
    or pm here
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    I have paided for this account, Please Respond to Discord. I haved paided and you have no delievered