Unfair Negative feedback removal request

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by mathewmj1977, 9/11/19.

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    How to Report a Feedback Dispute
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    1. Date Dispute Happened
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    2. Are You The Buyer or Seller
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    3. Total Transaction Value
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    4. Other Members Username
    5. Why Should The Feedback Be Removed
    Hello @Hulk
    The seller Claimed our warranty is false for a delayed response in our side, We do get a lot of requests and purchases per day and we do process the requests accordingly handling older requests at first, We do inform our buyers of our working hours and such situations, we cannot ignore messages and prioritize a member on top of another as other older requests do have the right to have their requests to be resolved first. We always inform the buyers and seek their patience yet we always resolve their pending issues but this buyer could not wait So he intended to leave the feedback instead, we also resolved the member's issue and have offered a complimentary gift but the buyer chooses to keep the review instead please refer to screenshot below. We kindly ask of you to look into this feedback and have it removed as it is totally unfair the buyer had his issue resolved and we cannot always process all requests at once as explained before.
    6. Provide All Chat Logs, Screenshots and Additional Information Below