Sold [XB1] & [PS4] Buying/Selling MT |Details Inside| Elite NHL Seller Rep, Buy/Sell with...

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    Selling PS4 MT

    • PS4=($8usd or $10.45cad per 100k)
    • 200k is the minimum purchase for new customers|
    • 100k is the minimum purchase for returning customers or new Canadian customers that can send Etransfer or new customers that can send Crypto.|
    • No 2k Tax Coverage
    Payment Methods:

    • PayPal (Friends and Family only, Special Receipt Form Required and I will not sell to anyone that doesn’t have good purchasing history on their Reddit profile!)
    • Canadian E-Transfer (No Restrictions)
    • Crypto (No Restrictions) prefer BTC or ETH but willing to take other cryptos.
    Currently Buying XB1 MT

    • Payments via PayPal Friends and Family or Canadian E-Transfer.
    • 0 Risk of being scammed or Charged Back. I am highly Trusted!
    • Quick Payment after transfer.

    All Customers are required to go first buying or selling!

    My Rep: (Hundreds of Positive Reviews)

    Here is my Rep I built up on /u/xjoe01 during my suspension:

    . /u/jusbro92
    [link] .
Thread Status:
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